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russian bear journey to mr america

Russian Bear weightling, body building and power supplement

The Moscow Circus billed Valís Uncle John as "The Strongest Man in the World." People called John "The Russian Bear" because of his fierce, raw power and awesome muscles. He won numerous medals for his stupendous strength and acrobatic feats. 

Diary of a Champion
Bodybuilder ∑ Weightlifter

Val Vasilef, champion bodybuilder - weightlifter after using Russian BearDo you know anyone who can do:

  • A no-swing, one-arm, 150Ĺ-pound curl, 198 lbs. body weight,

  • A 300-lb. Two-Arm Swing Curl, 198 lbs. body weight,

  • A 240-lb. One-Arm Clean & Jerk, or

  • A 600-lb. Dead Lift, 181-lb. division?

Well, Val Vasilef has done all of the BodyBuilding Achievments  and more. This Mr. America winner holds over 80 bodybuilding, power and Olympic weightlifting awards. So how did he pull it off?

Val credits his Uncle John, a Russian known as the USSR's greatest strong man, for inspiring him to start doing strength feats when he was only 11.

Along with his 13-year-old brother, Bob, Val would do handstands and other acrobatic stunts for crowds that would gather to watch. Soon he won swimming and diving medals.

"We heard the stories about our uncle," Val says. "We were really into physical fitness ó it was just our heritage."

The Vasilef boys had no weights to use, so they improvised. "We made up two buckets of cement and put a water pipe in between," Vasilef recalls. Using this homemade barbell, young Val struggled to lift 110 lbs over his head just one time.

"But as we got stronger, we were able to lift it 10 times," Val says. "Then I started lifting one-handed until I progressed to 240 pounds on a standard barbell set when I was 19." Val Vasilef, bodybuilder and muscle builder doing strength featHis one-handed lift of this incredibly heavy poundage has yet to be equaled by anyone at Val's body weight of 185.

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(At right, Val Vasilef doing 10 reps of 315 pounds. 50,000 people witness this feat of strength & endurance)

Click here to see Val doing a straight arm flag with a reverse twist


val vasilef's first home vals mansion

From rags to riches, and Val says you can do it too! It's all in the book,

he'll tell you how!

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